SMART! not only leads you to a fulfilling performance-based campaign, but also to reach a higher return of investment (ROI). With more than 1000 selected publishers and many supply partners, SMART! offers you high quality inventory for your brand safety, click-fraud-free, and intelligence technology.

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A New Level of Segment Targeting

SMART! doesn't offer you blind audience but varied and segmented groups of ‘interests’. People are getting personalized, and SMART! is ready to deliver your communication to specific interests. Even more, you can build your own segment!

Targeting and Dynamic
Creative Technology

SMART! let you choose your target; by location, time and channels. With this targeting strategy, SMART! ensures your campaign will reach the right people with the right interest and the right situation. And yet to mention its dynamic creative technology allows you to serve different and individual messages for each interest.

Dedicated Human

SMART! Optimization Team strives not only to maintain deliverable campaigns but also to improve your campaign performance. They pay attention to every each one of your campaign, optimizing daily to achieve effective result and maximum number of CTR.

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