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Women need to feel understood. So they can choose, engage, and devote. Glitz Media have everything they need—all in one place. As the only premium web network for women in Indonesia, Glitz Media has over than 20 million users and counting. If you feel like you need guidance to women’s heart, Glitz Media is the righteous choice.

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implementing as well as managing all your digital campaign to help in achieving key objectives of increasing brand awareness and boost engagement

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From premium web network with a range of top-notch publishers, to new and upcoming online magazine for women-, Glitz Media is ready to help you to take on the world of women.



Bring your TVC, ONLINE! From 15” up to 60” duration, you can have the best online experience in-banner & pre/mid/post – roll video ads.


To make sure you get a proper feedback from your audience, HI-IMPACT provides you with any kind of add-ons to be embedded in your creative.

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Deliver your TVC with a digital touch to give your audience a different users’ experience.

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