Wisebirds Now Offering Instagram Advertising

By Adplus

Wisebirds, the Facebook Marketing Partner with Ad Technology Badge that provides a social advertising optimization platform, has finished integrating its platform with the Instagram Ads API. Wisebirds is one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners granted access to the Instagram Ads API, and through this opportunity, Wisebirds plans to provide more effiecient ways for advertisers to reach more than 300 million MAU (Monthly Active Users) globally on Instagram.

Wisebirds has a social advertising optimization platform, Adwitt, that greatly reduces the inconvenience of manually running ads and can now offer that for clients interested in Instagram ad campaigns. Its intuitive UI and advanced features like target segmentation and bid optimization won Ad Technology Badge of Facebook’s Marketing Partner program. With such recognition, Wisebirds currently executes Facebook advertising campaigns in more than 150 countries

Instagram is the marketer’s platform of choice for a highly engaged and growing audience. It presents a great opportunity to deliver in-feed, mobile advertising at true scale with its user base of more than 300 million monthly active users. Wisebirds integration with Instagram will allow our customers to advertise across a visually dynamic environment for consumers with a highly active community and we are excited to announce that Adplus partnership with wisebirds is offering a whole new set of tools for marketers to engage with customers on Instagram across our suite of social platform product: Adplus Social Advertising. We look forward to helping these performance marketers scale their campaigns and benefit from reaching audiences cross-channel. Said Yazid Faizin, CEO of Adplus.

Adplus social advertising is a social advertising platform company that optimizes campaigns on social media like Facebook and Instagram, we provide solutions to some of the Indonesian and world's largest brands and advertising agencies offering a variety of engagement based social advertising formats and innovative payment models.


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