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Social media advertising has become a staple of the media mix, as advertisers started to see the potentials of valuable word-of-mouth marketing.

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ADPLUS Social Advertising is now partnering with Wisebirds, official Facebook Marketing Partner with Ad Technology offering comprehensive solution that optimizes campaigns on Facebook with solid technical expertise.

ADPLUS Social Advertising x Wisebirds

With all of these technology and knowledge, Wisebirds was formerly recognized as a PMD (Preferred Marketing Developer) by Facebook with all 4 badges of PMD program, as Asia’s only and now a Facebook Marketing Partner with Ad Technology.

Together with Wisebirds, ADPLUS Social Advertising will provide you the key benefits such as optimization solution to manage ads more efficiently, and many options of exclusive Facebook products.

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ADPLUS Social Advertising works closely with big players in social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google

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Focusing on effectiveness, ADPLUS Social Advertising will strategically manage all your social media campaigns, and guarantee that all of your budgets are spent in the right places.

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